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The national tourism administration has announced, according to the travel agency product third-party Internet trading platform and service requirements, travel agency service network service requirements and other five tourism industry standard approved, will come into effect on July 1. Which is the first new rules for online travel management services for the first time to make, for over the current online travel chaos has strong pertinence, therefore has attracted much attention.

In what ways have the new rules to make the specification of the online travel business? For Internet enterprises "parody" of tourism, tourists choose online travel services once produce issue difficult to rights, user information leakage, the rules have corresponding measures? It for the future of online travel industry development will produce what effect? Made a survey on these issues.

"Black" enterprise hard to stand up


Hosted by Beijing tourism society compilation tourism green book, social sciences academic press, Beijing, the Beijing tourism development report 2014, released on June 30. According to the report, in recent years, influenced by multiple factors, continuous decline in the number of inbound tourism in Beijing, 2013 decreased more than the national average, affected the Beijing 12th five-year tourism planning to achieve the goals of inbound tourism.

Online travel management service the new rules take effect this black difficult

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