Best Acrylic Wall Display Frame Supplier

Guilin Dinglong Plexiglass Products Co., Limited is a Chinese professional acrylic wall display frame supplier. Our acrylic-based wall display frames offer elegant panels that give your frame a clear appearance. Changes are easily accomplished as there is no need to remove the hardware display from the wall.

Apart from acrylic display frame, we offer various products including acrylic cosmetic storage box, acrylic tissue box, Acrylic Wall Display Frame, acrylic food box, the acrylic shoe box and others. You can browse “products” tab to know more about our product range. We offer acrylic-based product in different finish specifications to satisfy the taste of multiple customers.

Your signage and photographs would look apart with our top-quality acrylic cosmetic storage box and Acrylic Wall Display Frame. As a leading acrylic food box manufacturer, we prefer elegance and professionalism to be seen together. Your presentation will appear as floating on the wall.

As a prominent acrylic display frame supplier, our wall display frame is ideal for the promotion of your brand, photos, daily specials, and informational signage. You can receive your design graphics up to 5″ x 7″.

Quality Acrylic Display Frame Supplier in China

Guilin Dinglong Plexiglass Products Co., Ltd., is among the most sought-after acrylic shoe box suppliers. For shoe boxes and other acrylic products, we work with organizations of every size, from small and medium sized to large-scale businesses with over 100 retail outlets. Since inception of our company, we have sold hundreds of custom display solutions to our satisfied and valued customers.

Our acrylic products are modern, sturdy, and sleek that makes us a unique acrylic display frame supplier. Our frames are perfect for shaping an eye-catching property display in kitchens, kids, offices, or adults’ bedrooms.

With versatility instilled in our roots, we create frames that are ideal for brochures, cosmetics, artwork, and books. To be the top acrylic candy box supplier, we enable you to add a vinyl sticker to customize your frames!

We have the dynamic corporate environment as an acrylic display frame supplier. The combination of expert efforts, specialized professionals, skills, and experience has enabled us to become a renowned acrylic display frame producer.

We export acrylic products like acrylic wall display frame to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and 50 different regions. We are progressing with a top-quality marketing team.






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