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The beauty industry needs to display the image of the "black pearl" and value. For a long time, due to the zero negative membership fee and twisted commerce environment, tourism management and operation of a series of problems, both in the working process of the tour guide, to some extent, to guide the group to assume part of the industry ills, so the tour guide is often at the forefront.

Objectively speaking, the tour guide do have their own shortcomings, but at the same time also have their helplessness, injustice and pain, hope that society can treat with understanding correctly, in terms of the guide, not always "bad news travels fast, bad news travels fast", it is neither fair nor for the tour guide is responsible for.

From the macro, the current our country has more than 70 guide, overall is good, the team made great contributions to the development of tourism, tourists' evaluation of the tour guide also has many moments; In terms of microcosmic, the tour guide, I know some since employed, is not in the Spring Festival and family had a family reunion dinner, bring happiness to tourists, leave regret to myself. Some for the whole heart rush toward on the job of tour, became a qualified guide, dereliction of duty's mother, home from everyone. Have learned that their loved ones died during the tour, but try to still smile in the face of tourists, give a guest a happy journey...

"Looking for the best tour guide" activities, is of a good tour guide






Hosted by Beijing tourism society compilation tourism green book, social sciences academic press, Beijing, the Beijing tourism development report 2014, released on June 30. According to the report, in recent years, influenced by multiple factors, continuous decline in the number of inbound tourism in Beijing, 2013 decreased more than the national average, affected the Beijing 12th five-year tourism planning to achieve the goals of inbound tourism.

Make the best tour guide positive energy

Created on:2019-11-29 16:40