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After two months of trial operation,, xiamen city, fujian province key cultural industry projects, the world's largest circus city - xiamen ling ling international circus city top circus festival, 30 evening officially kicked off in public sympathy and xiamen tourism has entered a new era travel at night.

A present the highest international standards of the circus that night, visual feast as the debut of xiamen international big circus, xiamen city elderly people from all walks of life dedicated to the representative: by the xiamen municipal aging committee, bureau of civil affairs, disabled persons' federation representative institutions as nearly all of the organization of the elderly, on-site experience the thrill of the world's top circus.

In xiamen, this is the first time in the history of the scale of public sympathy performances, xiamen international circus city launched for the first time in the world with "legendary life" as the theme of postmodernism giant circus. It tells the history of the inheritance of life, value and power. Performance, development, growth and evolution throughout life, step by step reveals the evolution, development and the combination of science and technology.

Classic equestrian, great Russian springboard, acrobatics, magic, Kenya chimpanzees performance, life and death, British "bear" league of beauty becomes the beast, the boxing kangaroo, hippo baboons, aerial ballet and coasters stunt and wonderful, all the dizzying, thrilling.

As the world's first, the world's largest international circus tourism, the cultural tourism projects since the end of 2012, start construction have been attention and support from all walks of life. Xiamen ling ling international circus city Xu Weiyong chairman, said the public sympathy performances is just the beginning of gratitude xiamen series activity, in the future, not only the elderly, including social vulnerable groups at all levels will be the object of the public-spirited activity.

Will benefit performance in addition to let people feel the government, social care and love, still can let more people through the popular science knowledge to understand, love animals, animals together to participate in the activities to protect animals.


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Dali XX ban merchant power point wax contentious local called XX

Created on:2019-11-29 16:40