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Director of Taiwan's tourism bureau "XXX7 in Taipei on January 1, revealed that in the first half of this year, over 500000 mainland residents to Taiwan for individual tourism, close to 520000 visitors last year, this year more than 1 million people.

Since mid-april, exit and entry department of Taiwan to mainland tourists to Taiwan personal swim quota from 3000 to 4000 people a day. "Xie jun in the day" Shanghai push Taiwan Tours "tribal depth said at the meeting, believe that as more swim Taiwan, mainland tourists depth tribal tourism will become the best choice of the mainland tourists personal swim.

Shanghai tourism trade association ordinary share at the meeting 7 days trip to Taiwan minority tribes, and announced that it would join the mainland tourists to Taiwan's ethnic tribal areas "depth".

Ordinary head, Shanghai tourism tourism market management office director XX, June 26, the Shanghai travel, strait CITS, Shanghai QingLv, Shanghai airlines, CST 16 Shanghai tour operators, such as into the mountains and rivers, Taiwan's east coast, the emphasis on the land of ilan, Hualien and taitung tribal attractions, including water bethanath, three stacks, chi mei, static pu, than the cilicia shore, calendar, such as old tribe.

Hosted by Beijing tourism society compilation tourism green book, social sciences academic press, Beijing, the Beijing tourism development report 2014, released on June 30. According to the report, in recent years, influenced by multiple factors, continuous decline in the number of inbound tourism in Beijing, 2013 decreased more than the national average, affected the Beijing 12th five-year tourism planning to achieve the goals of inbound tourism.

Beijing XX will "red-eye" extra high iron

Created on:2019-11-29 16:39