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In view of the netizens "Dali XX new rules: no XX merchants use candles during blackout", on June 30, administration of the Dali in yunnan province XX protection response, said the public exist a misreading of relevant documents content, as the upcoming "Dali XX door fire control safety inspection rules" additional clause content, is leading the specification, not rigid requirements, the new rules will not give XX merchants set threshold.

Recently, the media reported that administration of the Dali in yunnan province XX protection from July 1 will start to deal with "Dali XX must camp card", to further strengthen the protection and management of XX. With matching implementation of fire safety regulations, however, about requirements merchants "shall not use candles during blackout" clause is to a lot of controversy. Some netizens said understand that XX is wood more, some dangerous appliance shall be prohibited; Have net friend say this is a manifestation of the "lazy", do not stand up to scrutiny.

On June 30, the Dali XX protection bureau to provide the "controversial" "Dali XX door fire


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XX road and line and thought

Created on:2019-11-29 16:39