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How to Make Acrylic Box Displays Look Beautiful

Whether you talk about props or any major display fixture, customized acrylic fabrication from acrylic shoe box suppliers can transform your store. It is fantastic how you can style your shoe store, even with something as simple as an acrylic shoe box display.

We typically think of a box or shoe box as a stand-alone container. However, a display cabinet is categorized as a box too. Therefore, you can mix acrylic with any other stuff to generate a unique look. Clean lines provided by acrylic combines beautifully with any type of product or store décor. The easy combination is one of the reasons why acrylic has become the material of everyone’s choice for branding displays and stores.

Acrylic Brings Versatility

Anything you can do with glass, acrylic enables you to do the same, which is stronger, lighter, and less expensive. In addition, acrylic can do things which glass cannot. Acrylic material is extremely malleable and you can create any curved, angular, or 3D round shape you desire. Who says containers or boxes need to be square?

Acrylic is an obvious choice when you need a box, which is ideally clear. Highlight any branded item, and allow the packing to speak for itself. Also, intrigued customers with a bin loaded with small yet colorful goodies need a drawer closer to check what is inside.

Speaking of colors, an acrylic box allows you to display fashion from opaque or translucent material in any color of a rainbow. Below are a few baker’s dozen concepts for improving your store with acrylic box displays:

12 Wonderful Ideas for Acrylic Boxes Displays

  1. Create an acrylic cosmetic storage box that is wall-mounted, or free-standing, movable with wheels, or simply portable. As long as they offer a coordinated look, they can be mixed and matched easily nearly endlessly. Instead of any single acrylic shoe or cosmetic box display, you got a plethora of options.
  2. Think out of the box for eye appeal that brings jaw drop. For instance, wall-mounted acrylic boxes need not be shallow or flat.
  3. Show decorative pieces.
  4. Highlight featured products, can be on pedestals in key areas within your store.
  5. Protect breakables from damage.
  6. Protect valuable jewellery, cosmetics or collectibles from theft. Add doors and lids for locks or easy access, if required.
  7. Display your best rings in their individual acrylic jewellery boxes.
  8. Protect your edibles from exposure, whether or not they are custom-made chocolates or prepared salads.
  9. Risers that are multi-tiered are popular for displaying a few items. Multi-sized group acrylic boxes instead, stacking various shapes and sizes to provide your display with an eye-catching dimension.
  10. Acrylic shoe boxes that rotate has more merchandise with counter space or minimal floor. They entice engagement as shoppers spin them to get a neat and better look.
  11. Use solid shapes to show stacked T-shirts or sweaters. Set the blocks upstanding and use them as canisters.
  12. Snare little acrylic boxes to grid wall or slat wall to show frill, item data leaflets, coupons, and so on.

Last Word

Always remember the lights, because acrylic and LEDs are made for each other. Wrap acrylic boxes in small lights, or rack them with lights to make a sparkling acrylic box display. Once creative ideas start flowing, you will realize more that there is nothing more versatile than acrylic if you talk about designing irresistible displays and branding your store.

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