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Five Clothing Stores That Need Acrylic Boxes

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Acrylic boxes are among the basic needs for different clothing stores, and retail stores are no exception. Acrylic is a versatile container that is offered in different styles and sizes. You can get them from any acrylic display frame supplier made for square or round, with or without lids. Also, you can get the acrylic hang from slat walls as it allows you to display your shoe or clothing store accessories at your potential customers’ eye level.

Not every clothing store is the same. Although, there are five common stores that can reap benefits from using acrylic display boxes.

Men’s clothing stores.

No-brainer! You can’t hang sweaters, suits, or jeans on acrylic containers. However, that’s not all you can do.

Small clothing accessories like tie tacks, cuff links, or wallets perfectly fit into one of these clear containers. Other apparel items also get benefitted from acrylic containers like packages of socks, underwear, or undershirts.

You can use an acrylic container offered by quality acrylic shoe box suppliers for impulse store items, such as shoe inserts, shoelaces, or men’s jewelry.

Women’s clothing stores.

Half the fun connects women to clothing stores to buy the accessories that go with them. This is where clear acrylic containers step in. You can utilize these boxes to display

  • Tights,
  • Headbands,
  • Socks, 
  • Barrettes,
  • Necklaces,
  • Lipstick, And
  • Rings, etc.

There are so endless possibilities for acrylic accessories. So, if ladies shoppers can see them, they are likely to buy them alongside their new outfits.

Children’s clothing stores.

Impulse buying related to children’s clothing stores is quite common. Because kids are impulsive by nature. Use clear acrylic boxes to showcase inexpensive candy and treats. These are always an irresistible choice for both parents and kids.

Other possibilities are shoelaces, washcloths, character-related buttons, and towels, pencils, or lip gloss. If a little one looks into an acrylic bin and sees Twilight, Batman, Hannah Montana, or Sponge Bob, they are likely to go with the flow of impulse buying.

Urban apparel stores.

These apparel stores are specialists in urban youth culture. They are the watchword for demographics’ accessories. Anyone can put on a t-shirt with the right pair of jeans. However, an outfit urban is all about a combination of:

  • hats,
  • necklaces,
  • hair accessories,
  • fingernail decorations,
  • jewelry,
  • makeup, and
  • belts

The accessories that are offered with an urban clothing store determine how decent your store is. Make sure each of your offerings can be seen in your clean transparent acrylic containers.

Vintage clothing stores.

Gorgeous clothes that are offered in vintage stores amplify gorgeous accessories that deserve to be showcased in classy and clear acrylic containers. Clip-on earrings, brooches, chains, costume beads, and even stick-on birthmarks can give the irresistible look that pays tribute to yesterday’s styles.

Make sure each of your customers knows you offer these accessories by displaying them in acrylic boxes.


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