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Acrylic – A Revolutionary Material for Design and Arts

acrylic cosmetic box

Acrylic – A Revolution in the Field of Arts and Design

Acrylic also known as plexiglass is a hard transparent plastic material. Acrylic is generally used for industrial purposes and is a lightweight alternative to glass. it is not only found in different aspects of daily life, but it also opens new exciting avenues in jewelry for acrylic cosmetic storage box suppliers, design, and various other spheres.

The discovery and production of acrylic acid in 1843, was followed by other developments, particularly the discovery of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), more commonly called acrylic. Brand names like Lucite and Perspex are used interchangeably for the term ‘acrylic’.

Commercial History of Acrylic

Commercial production of acrylic dates back to 1936. It opened new possibilities and was used on a large scale during World War II for the production of bomber cockpits and nose compartments, gun turrets, submarine periscopes. Nowadays acrylic products are used for everything from picture frames to bulletproof windows, aquariums, shower compartments, etc. Compatible with human tissue, it is widely used for implants and prosthetics, as well as for cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

Acrylic in Design

Acrylic appeals to designers and artists, offering new opportunities for expression.

Acrylic is continuing to inspire designers with its plasticity and ability to transcend functionality through its transparent character and weightlessness. Although acrylic furniture has been available for many decades, it still gives a tone of modernity and lightness to a room.

Acrylic and Musical Instruments

The novelty in design led to the use of acrylic in musical instruments such as guitars and drums. The transparent body of acrylic electric guitars reveals the inner workings of the guitar without compromising sound quality. Acrylic drums have also been adopted by famous musicians like the drummer for Led Zeppelin.

Acrylic Trends in jewelry design

Acrylic is also widely used in another creative field: jewelry production, whether in mass production or designer jewelry.

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Mass-produced acrylic jewels are widely available. While cheap, they can be quite attractive and of decent quality. Jewel designers offer much more exciting pieces like acrylic wall display frame, in terms of inspiration, creativity, and know-how. Some of these jewels can be considered wearable sculptures, with a strong visual impact demonstrating sophistication and elegance; whether classical or eccentric.

Wrap Up

The discovery of acrylic acid was a turning point in modern life. Acrylic products have become an integral part of modern life in heavy industry, daily life, and, not least, the world of arts and design. Designers and artists have embraced the material with enthusiasm. Its combined qualities of plasticity, lightness, and transparency provide artists and designers with a unique way to mediate their emotions and artistic vision and to offer an exciting avenue for the creative process.


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